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The School of Evolutionary Astrology

Whether you are a member of JWG Association of Evolutionary Astrology or are a casual student of Astrology, we welcome any and all support. Every little bit counts towards making JWG Evolutionary Astrology Association the best and most engaging community resource. We have created this resource page to share with you some of the best educational resources and The Original School of Evolutionary Astrology DVD & Flash drive Course, and additional study resources for Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’ve got any questions.

School of EA Course

The School Of Evolutionary Astrology Course

The School Of Evolutionary Astrology Course

This is the original Evolutionary Astrology Pluto School taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green in Arizona in 1994. Jeffrey felt this school was the best of those he taught. The information presented here is unique, and timeless.

Originally available as VCR tapes and sold as the EA correspondence course, those old VCR tapes have been converted to DVDs and, most recently, to USB Flash Drive.

In this Course you will learn: 

In the Flash Drive: 

Section 1

  • The twelve signs and houses, and ten planets from the EA perspective

  • Anatomical, Physiological, and Chakra correlations to the planets

  • The eight primary phases, aspects, and key planetary pairs

  • The planetary method of chart interpretation

  • The house method of chart interpretation

  • Pluto – Soul – Evolution – Evolutionary Necessity
    Karma – Polarity point – Nodes – Nodal rulers

  • The four natural evolutionary conditions/states

  • Exceptions to the Pluto rules

  • Pluto aspects to other planets

  • The phenomena of retrograde

  • The 4 ways Pluto effects evolutionary necessities

  • Pluto in transit, progression, solar & lunar return

Section 2


  • Review of the first segment

  • Guilt, learned vs. natural

  • Sexual correlations of all 12 signs

  • Relationship types

  • Astrology of relationships methods

  • Synastry and composite charts

  • relationship example charts

Section 3 

  • Nature of Lucifer and evil

  • Composite methodology review, with example charts

  • Synastry methodology review, with example charts

  • Chart rectification

  • Transits, progressions, solar and lunar returns

  • Pluto through the houses, 1 – 12, including medical correlations

  • Nodal transits

  • Final Q & A


– US: $1000 complete course, or in three sections, each $350. Prices include shipping.
– International: $1050 for the complete course, and $370 per section. Prices include shipping. Payment in US Dollars.

Priority Shipping – US Only. For faster delivery please select “Add Priority Shipping – US Only” as “Ship to” option (adds to total price, $12 for complete set, $6 each for single section).

Priority Shipping – International. All international orders are now shipped via priority mail included in the price of the course.

Pathway to Certification Mentorship Group

– Monthly Practice classes on Thursdays, or Wednesday twice a month with Time zone options for students: 

Thursday 11am PST, 2pm or 4pm pt 

*Wednesday at 1pm Pt

~Private Mentorship Group for posting Questions and Preparation for the Charts 

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