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EA Online Conference

The Evolutionary Astrology Online Conference ~Pluto Paradigm ~ The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, the conference will feature four days of Lectures, with Core JWG EA Teachers Including Deva Green, Kristin Fontana, Ari Moshe Wolfe, Rose Marcus, Rav Chahal, Bradley Naragon, Simon Vorster, Bess Strzelecki, Jason Holley, Kim Marie, Laura Nalbandian, Patricia Walsh, Michelle Dench, Timothy Halloran, Jordyn Smith, and Steve Wolfson. ALL Conference Recordings are included in the Full Conference Access.

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Deva Green 


Deva is the daughter of world renowned astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green who is the founder of Evolutionary Astrology. She has immersed herself in the study of his work for many years now and have received personal instruction and teaching from him. As a result She is uniquely qualified to carry on his work, which was my father’s desire. Deva has written a book on Evolutionary Astrology called Pluto and Your Karmic Mission: Evolutionary Astrology, published by Llewellyn Publications. This book is a ‘how to’ book based on my father’s first book, Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul. Her most recent book, The Moon and it's Nodes in Evolutionary Astrology is a primer on the Moon & the lunar nodes. 



Why We Choose Our Family From An Evolutionary Point Of View

This presentation will focus on the dynamics within the natal chart that reflect why we choose our early childhood conditions, including our biological family, from an evolutionary point of view. Astrologically speaking, the Moon/4th house/ Cancer archetype symbolizes the nature of our early childhood environment, and our childhood emotional “imprint" whereas the Saturn/10th house/Capricorn reflects how we are “conditioned” by our overall environment, and how we establish a personal voice of authority in the world. The presentation will emphasize how our early childhood conditions serve to facilitate, or trigger, the core evolutionary intentions of the Soul indicated in the natal chart relative to the “Pluto Paradigm.”

Why did I choose My Family  with Deva.jpg

Beginning to study astrology in 1998, Bradley dove into JWG Evolutionary Astrology in 2009 and has continued to use and practice the JWG EA paradigm as part of daily life. Bradley has researched and taught on the planetary nodes, maintains a daily astrology horoscope "Planetary Currents," hosts an Evolutionary Astrology podcast "Coming Together: Interrelationships of Evolutionary Astrology Teachings, and creates astrological artwork. When not doing art and astrology, Bradley is a father of two and enjoys growing herbs, cooking, and working at the food co-op.

Planet Sign House
Synthesis in EA

Sometimes going back to the basics is the exact dose of medicine we need. We have all likely had those moments when we experience a massive breakthrough in grasping the core meaning of one of our planets in its house and sign; suddenly it is so obvious and clear, and we fall in love with astrology for the gifts received. In this talk Bradley will take us through the basics of planet sign house synthesis from an EA perspective, with a handful of diverse chart examples. These teachings will be an opportunity to get grounded in and strengthen our basic synthesis skills

_Planet Sign House Synthesis in EA.jpg

Steve has been on a conscious path of growth since age 15, seeking at first to understand himself. Gradually he connected with a deep yearning to assist and support others on their sometimes perilous journey of being human. It was at a time of major change in his life, a few years after Pluto completed crossing his ascendant, that he discovered Jeffrey Wolf Green and Evolutionary Astrology.  They spoke deeply to him at a time when he was seeking the next direction in his life.  That chapter has now been going on for over 20 years. In recent years, Steve’s focus on applying EA’s insights to his own emotional healing has grown. Where appropriate, he shares from his experiences of grounding and integrating EA’s wisdom into living the challenges and potentials of a human life.

The Pluto Process – before the rebirth - Involution

What we call Evolution has two stages. Both together are the Pluto process of evolutionary growth and change – death/rebirth.  EA calls the first stage Involution. What has been, who I see myself as, what’s familiar in life, seems to be fading away.  Pieces of my life start crumbling.  It’s quite common to experience this stage as emotionally difficult. Involution is a stripping away of What Has Been, creating space for What Will Be, what comes next. Our culture doesn’t offer much guidance on Being With the difficult times that precede the approaching New.  Involution is like a harsh Winter.  Spring seems far, far away.  Yet gradually and inevitably, the vibrant new Spring approaches, and we have made it through another long Winter and the new growth gradually reveals itself.  Steve will discuss recognizing, dealing with, and surviving, Involution, correlating charts with actual events that occurred in people’s lives during Involution.  

The Pluto Process with Steve v3.jpg

Simon Vorster is a specialist in the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm, a consultant, and an educator. His teachings are inspired by renowned figures, such as Jeffery Wolf Green, Carl Jung, and Dane Ruhyar. Drawing inspiration from his personal life as a conscious partner and parent, Simon seeks to help people navigate their emotional experiences and connect with their soul's purpose. His work focuses on supporting and empowering individuals in processing their emotional experiences.


In addition to his work as an educator and consultant, Simon runs an online Astrology School and an EA community. Alongside his partner, he shares his knowledge and insights on multiple social platforms, seeking to provide valuable resources and support to those seeking to deepen their understanding of Evolutionary Astrology.

Embracing Change: Navigating Uranus Transits in Evolutionary Astrology

Uranus correlates to sudden changes and liberation, revealing how our soul's past and present journeys intersect and reflect the continuation of our evolution into the future.


In this talk Simon will teach how to connect to and understand the transformative potential of your soul's evolution by studying the natal house that Uranus is transiting, along with the aspects that transiting Uranus forms to planets in your natal chart. Additionally, he will discuss how transiting Uranus is evolving through its planetary north and south nodes by examining the house and sign, the location of the planetary rulers, and the aspects they form with other planets in the natal chart. This exploration will demonstrate how Uranus's nature is evolving our individual and collective reality through the past, present, and future.

Lastly, Simon will illustrate how Uranus's evolutionary cycle will manifest through collective and individual examples directly linked to the EA Pluto paradigm, emphasizing how Uranus' transits point back to the core Pluto paradigm.

Embracing Change  with Simon .jpg

Laura is a 2nd generation astrologer, practicing and teaching astrology since 1987. She studied with Jeffrey Green from 1983-86. She is the owner/coordinator of NORWAC (The Northwest Astrological Conference), established in 1984 by her mother Maggie. She has Coordinated UAC02, UAC18, and ISAR22. She is a founding board member of Kepler College, IAEA, International Association of Ethics in Astrology, and the co-founder of SoulWise School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is the current Treasurer of the WSAA.

Pluto Transits:
Facing Our Shadow

Inevitably, we are called to face our shadow, to eliminate worn-out modes of behavior that no longer serve our soul, and our growth.  These profound transitional times are reflected in the transit of Pluto, and move us forward whether we are ready or not.  Laura will detail this powerful transit and not only present grounded methodologies, but strategies for making our way through the dark, and finding our way to the other side, feeling more empowered.

Pluto Transits with Laura N (1).jpg

Timothy Halloran has been reading charts and broadcasting videos on transits and lunations for over ten years. His career as an astrologer began in his early twenties with a fervent desire to understand why the world is what it is, finding answers to his deeper questions when he made contact with the work of Jeffrey Green. Timothy teaches evolutionary astrology as taught by Jeffrey Green with a focus on pairing astrology with counseling skills.


12th house: Confusion,and spiritual vs pathological sacrifice

The 12th house is the last house of the zodiac and encompasses all other archetypes within it. It points to the soul's relationship with ultimate meaning, as well as how meaning can be displaced onto what is essentially meaningless. Thus, confusion about what is real or not real, the purpose of our own existence, how we relate to that which is beyond our own control, and issues of spiritual sacrifice vs pathological sacrifice are areas of learning emphasized in the 12th house. In this talk Timothy Halloran will teach how this final house brings to light the most mysterious, hidden and unfathomable facets of our lives using historic case studies to explore the themes of confusion, disillusionment and the dichotomy of spiritual vs pathological sacrifice. In each chart he will focus on these 12th house dynamics in the context of the Evolutionary Astrology Pluto paradigm.

12th House with Timothy Halloran .jpg

Jordyn Smith is based in Oklahoma City and discovered Evolutionary Astrology during her Saturn Return. Prior to finding Evolutionary Astrology, she worked with adolescent females who struggled with mental health and addiction by utilizing creative writing to help them work through their trauma and addictions. Jordyn also spent her time speaking at the local YWCA to bring more awareness about the realities of domestic violence, which included being instrumental in getting a bill passed in Oklahoma that supports women and their parental rights. Jordyn has been utilizing Evolutionary Astrology to counsel clients for the past three years. She also has been teaching Evolutionary Astrology in the Oklahoma City metro area since 2021 in hopes to help others reconnect with their most natural and authentic selves by helping them to listen to their inner voice as opposed to making choices linked with their conditioning. She teaches on sexuality and trauma within the natal chart as it is an area she is passionate about helping others heal within themselves. Jordyn has also taught many classes on Oklahoma’s history by utilizing Evolutionary Astrology to bring awareness to the dynamics that are held within the collective of where she lives.

Can You Hear Me Now? Recovering Our Inner Voice,
Our Personal Truths, and the Courage to Speak

Have you ever been silenced or experienced the feeling of not being heard? This wound can run deep and permeate every area of life, especially as this impacts our confidence and ability to advocate for ourselves on the Soul's journey. 


In this lecture, Jordyn will share an overview of the myth of Cassandra and correlate that myth to the archetypal themes of asteroid Kassandra (114) in the natal chart. Jordyn will demonstrate how the archetypal themes and dynamics of Cassandra's mythology point towards how the Soul can empower itself by way of recovering one’s own inner voice, personal truths, inner knowledge and the courage to speak. These themes are not only revealed when exploring the asteroid Kassandra and her nodes, but also with the inclusion of Venus and Mercury which both weave into the story of Kassandra in the natal chart through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology.

Kassandra Can You Hear Me Now with Jordyn.jpg

Jason Holley is an astrologer and psychotherapist descended from a four-generation matriarchy of Appalachian women who looked at stars and cups to understand Soul.  Jason is committed to astrological storytelling that embraces all the creatures of our shared earth as well as all the creatures of the inner ecosystem of Soul.  Jason has taught for most astrological conferences and has held retreats and workshops around the world.  He is excited to reune with EA Soul kin again for our conference.

Evolutionary Astrology and
Sexual Healing

In this lecture, we’ll explore how Mars, Venus, and their planetary nodes can help us understand deep soul dynamics involved in both challenging sexual experiences such as trauma, shame, and compulsion; as well as in positive sexual experiences such as exploration, fantasy, and pleasure. As well, we will explore how skillful sharing of EA can support sexual healing and transformation in a way that reduces shame and increases creativity and spontaneity; and how conscious sexuality and sexual expression can bring us into a deeper and more embodied relationship with the deepest desires of our souls.  

Evolutionary Astrology and Sexual Healing with Jason.jpg

Kristin graduated from UCLA with a degree in Kinesiology. Following years in mainstream corporate America, she had a life altering experience on Easter Sunday 1999 when she met Jeffrey Wolf Green. Kristin had the tremendous fortune of attending the live EA schools taught by Jeffrey in the years that followed and is a certified graduate of the School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is a contributor to the books Insights into Evolutionary Astrology (2010), as well as Natural Astrology, International Voices of Evolutionary Astrology, (2021). Kristin has been writing astrological forecasts for twenty-two years and co-hosts a monthly transits show, Guiding Stars, with EA colleague Rose Marcus, which is listened to worldwide on the web. Kristin’s deepest passion lies in the reawakening of the wild feminine, utilizing the EA paradigm to unveil the essence of the Soul’s unbridled nature.



Mars: Evolving the Fire of Your Soul’s Desire

Mars represents how you identify and instinctually act upon the desires emanating from your Soul. For this reason, Mars is referred to as the lower octave of Pluto, as Pluto transmits to Mars via your instinct the desires that reflect your Soul's need to evolve itself in new ways. The South Node of Mars correlates to past life desires being brought forward into the current life to be actualized in new ways via the natal placement of Mars and its North Node. The North Node of Mars symbolizes how the ongoing desires of Pluto via Mars will continue to be actualized in the future. Planets in Aries also symbolize the desire to blaze new trails and they are connected like a web to the natal Mars and its North Node. The sign on the Ascendent, the location of its planetary ruler, and where the sign Aries lands in your natal chart are all woven within the web of desires from your Soul that manifest through the Mars archetype and point to how your Soul is leading itself forward.


In this talk, Kristin will share how to map the Soul’s evolving desires via the Mars/Aries archetype through the lens of the Pluto paradigm, illustrating the teachings with charts at various stages of evolution. She will also offer insights into the evolutionary significance of the approaching Mars retrograde transit that initiates on Dec. 6, 2024, which will bring to light unresolved desires within the Soul so personal evolution can proceed.

Mars Evolving the Fire of Your Soul’s Desire with Kristin Fontanta.jpg

With clarity and compassion Ari Moshe teaches astrology as a spiritual study that serves in our own soul evolution.Ari Moshe’s teaching is rooted in the beautiful lineage of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green and continues to blossom with his own ongoing realization and spiritual practice. He has written a beginners guide to EA, and has available on his website many teachings and classes, as well as a year long training course based on the teachings of EA. Ari is also a Devotional Love Musician, with his album available on Spotify and Bandcamp.



Venus: Tending the
Inner Garden of the Soul

Venus, as ruler of Libra, corresponds to our essential relationship needs and the kinds of relational experiences we attract in our lives. It is however our fundamental inner relationship to ourselves that is the essence of the external relationship experiences that we experience. As Jeffrey Wolf Green wrote in Pluto Volume II, "Whom we attract into our lives are symbols of our inner reality. We project outwards that which is a reflection of our inner reality."  This is reflected in the inner dimension of Venus: our inner relationship to our-self; how to listen to and tend to our own inner feelings and essential needs. In this talk, Ari will offer a deep analysis of Venus, and by extension the position of Taurus and the 2nd house in the natal chart, as well as the south and north nodes of Venus, as it reflects the soul's need to establish self-value, self-esteem and to cultivate a healthy relationship with itself; to tend to the garden of the Soul from within. These teachings will be understood relative to the core Pluto paradigm with respect to understanding what the soul's relationship to itself has been, is, and how it is meant to evolve due to evolutionary necessity.

Venus Tending the  Inner Garden of the Soul  with Ari Moshe.jpg

Bess Strzelecki graduated from Georgetown University and works as an Executive Recruiter by day and as an Intuitive Reader by night. She is a consummate student of Evolutionary Astrology, Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Herbalism, Runes, Tarot, and Shamanism. She uses these tools and technologies in addition to her cultivated intuition in order to help clients on their path. She lives on her Farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her husband, 2 children and 40+ animals. They spent several years renovating and restoring the historic property of Welcome House Farm in order to host a retreat space for others in need of sanctuary, healing and renewal.

Health Crises as an Evolutionary Catalyst and the Path to Healing

In 2020 Bess fell very sick. She went on medical leave because she was no longer able to function at work and her doctors were unable to determine what was wrong. She was only in her 30’s and bedridden most days, she had pretty much come to terms with the fact that she was going to die. Fortunately, it was at that time that she encountered an Evolutionary Astrologer who was able to determine the root cause of her illness, and it changed her life.  In this talk, Bess will utilize the case study of a couple of natal charts, along with their transits, of people who experienced a health crisis as a catalyst to their soul-evolution. She will analyze these charts with respect to the Pluto paradigm in order to assess why each soul experienced the particular illness that they did and for what evolutionary reasons.

Health Crises as an Evolutionary Catalyst and the Path to Healing with Bess .jpg

Rav Chahal is a certified graduate from the JWG School of Evolutionary Astrology based in London, England. Rav holds a Masters degree in Social Science Research Methods and her passion for helping people led her to complete a Counselling Skills and Life Coaching Diploma before she found the power in Evolutionary Astrology, and how it can help navigate people in their life journeys. She had a personal reading with Deva Green and this is when she realized the depth and power of this dynamic form of Astrology. As a result, she dedicated over 10+ years studying Evolutionary Astrology (EA) through the original JWG School of EA and has since become a certified Evolutionary Astrologer.

Karma Yoga & the Soul's Right Work

Our social purpose, work/career and how we are to sustain and support ourselves in this life can be seen through the natural Earth Trinity in the birth chart (2nd house/Taurus/Venus, 6th house/Virgo/Mercury and the 10th house/Capricorn/Saturn). Whatever signs we find on these house cusps, the location of the planetary rulers and planets in these houses, as well as the aspects they make to other planets, will reflect the Soul's evolutionary intentions relative to “Right Work" and ""Karma Yoga”.


The type of work that any Soul is drawn to will reflect the evolutionary state they are in and as well as their inherent gifts they are born with and ways they can make a positive difference in the world.  Essentially, doing one’s ‘Right Work', is a function of being in alignment with what the Soul can do and making the choices necessary to do that relative to its evolutionary state of consciousness. When we are doing our 'Karma Yoga' we are inwardly being guided by the Source of all things to be in service to something greater. The Soul consciously knows when it is inwardly being directed by God versus being driven by the Ego.  

In this lecture, we will explore the natural Earth houses to identify the Soul's "Right Work" as well as the "Karma Yoga" that allows each individual Soul to contribute to the evolving larger whole.

Karma Yoga  with Rav.jpg

Rose Marcus is based in Vancouver, Canada. She hosted workshops for Jeffrey Wolf Green (1992/93), and one of his first schools (1994). Over the years, she has lectured at various conferences in Canada and the USA, and has written for numerous publications and projects, including daily horoscopes for the Mountain Astrologer (2007/08). Her first book, Insights into Evolutionary Astrology, (a compilation project) was published in 2010 by Lewellyn Worldwide. She is a contributor to Natural Astrology, International Voices of Evolutionary Astrology, published in 2021. Since 2010, Rose and host Kristin Fontana have broadcast a monthly transit show via internet radio, (Guiding Stars, In 2019, Rose launched SoulWise School of Evolutionary Astrology with Laura Nalbandian and Patricia Walsh. In addition to publishing in-depth monthly forecasts on her website and her astrological counseling practice, Rose offers clairvoyant readings.



Mapping your Soul’s


for Evolution:

The Secondary

Progressed Chart

The natal chart reflects the intersection between the soul’s past and intended direction forward. Transits act as triggers for the experiential track whereas the secondary progressed chart reflects the pacing and evolution of the subjective consciousness of the soul in the unfolding of life experience. Secondary Progressions also provide a map of the ground the soul aims to visit over a single lifetime.  Join Rose for her lecture on how to use the secondary progressed chart to fill in more of the story regarding the soul’s intention for this life’s journey

Mapping your Soul’s Intention  for Evolution  The Secondary Progressed Chart with Rose.jpg

Kim Marie Weimer is the Managing Director for the Evolutionary Astrology Network. She has practiced and taught Evolutionary Astrology for 35+ years and counsels an international clientele. Kim Marie also ran the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of EA from 2002-2008.

The 2024 USA Presidential Election

This talk will look at the astrological factors surrounding the 2024 USA Presidential election. This includes the charts of the major nominees, the USA chart and transiting Pluto direct at almost 30 degrees Capricorn. All 7/4/1776 USA charts have three major aspect configurations that define the country’s long-running history with inclusive-exclusive themes: the Sun-Saturn square, the Mars-Neptune square and the Mercury-Pluto opposition. This election will be the first one with transiting Pluto new phase the 2022 USA Pluto return, signifying one more time how evolving democracy is on the line.

USA Election  with Kim Marie.jpg

Patricia is a certified Deep Memory Process (DMP) regression practitioner and Chief Trainer for Dr. Roger Woolger’s Institute of Deep Memory Process® (since 2002) and a certified Evolutionary Astrologer from the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology (2004). She is the author of Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy. Combined with astrology, she specializes in healing work based in Shamanic principles. She is also an instructor for the Soul Wise School of Evolutionary Astrology.

Unveiling the Psyche: Exploring Karma, Trauma, and the Soul's Journey through Evolutionary Astrology

An Evolutionary Chart reading is never merely about planetary alignments; it's a profound exploration of the soul's path across lifetimes. As Evolutionary Astrologers we venture into deep and sometimes delicate territory. In order to successfully guide our clients towards self-awareness and healing, it’s crucial to have a map of the terrain. This lecture will help you to further understand the structure of the human psyche, the psychology of the soul and the nuanced dynamics of karma.  


Patricia will illuminate the workings of psychological complexes and how the soul carries them from past lives into the present, and the potential for evolution inherent within them. She will also discuss the dynamics of trauma and its profound impact on the psyche. By understanding the interplay between past trauma, psychological defenses, and present experiences, we can offer compassionate support and guidance to our clients on their evolutionary journey towards wholeness.

Unveiling the Psyche Exploring Karma, Trauma, and the Soul's Journey through Evolutionary
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