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Evolutionary Astrology

Online Conference

The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul

Hosted by Jeffrey Wolf Green Association of Evolutionary Astrologers 

We are excited to announce the second annual EA Online Conference hosted by the JWG Association of Evolutionary Astrologers. On October 3rd-6th 2024, we will offer a virtual conference devoted to the teachings of Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffery Wolf Green 


We have brought together some of the best astrologers in Evolutionary Astrology to dive specialty topics and give teachings on the Pluto Paradigm as taught by Jeffery Wolf Green. This weekend will feature lectures from EA Teachers Including Deva Green, Kristin Fontana, Ari Moshe Wolfe, Rose Marcus, Bess Strzelecki, Rav Chahal, Bradley Naragon, Simon Vorster, Kim Marie, Laura Nalbandian, Patricia Walsh, Jason Holley, Timothy Halloran & Jordyn Smith, and Steve Wolfson.


The Full Conference pass includes 4 full days of class sessions, beginning with an Eclipse Pannel with Conference teachers.  There will be options for individual session passes available.


All Full Conference participants will receive access to download the Recordings & Replays' included in the Full conference price. Live attendance is not required.


Full Conference Pass: $245 for JWG Association Members, $295 for non Members.

Full Conference Pass: $245 for JWG Association Members (use coupon code: Member),
$295 for non Members 

Full Conference Pass

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Full Conference Schedule

The Full Conference Schedule includes 4 days of Lectures and the Intro to Pluto Paradigm Workshop, along with Recordings of All the Lectures and Q&A with the Teachers.


Conference Schedule  (All Lectures in Pacific Time zone ~Please adjust for your time)

Thursday Oct 3rd 

  • 10am-11am-Conference Kick off Speaker ECLIPSE discussion panel

  • 11-1pm Lecture #1 Deva Green ~"Why did I Choose my Family?"

  • 2-4pm Lecture #2  Bradley Naragon ~ Planet Sign House Synthesis in EA

  • 5pm-7pm Lecture #3 Steve Wolfson ~The Pluto Process – before the rebirth - Involution


Friday Oct 4th 

  • 8-10am Lecture #4 Simon Vorster Embracing Change: Navigating Uranus Transits in Evolutionary Astrology

  • 11am-1pm PST Lecture #5  Laura Nalbandian ~Pluto Transits: Facing Our Shadow

  • 2-4pm Lecture #6 Timothy Halloran ~12th House: confusion, and spiritual pathological Sacrifice

  • 5pm-7pm Jordyn Smith Kassandra: Lecture #7: Can You Hear Me Now? Recovering Our Inner Voice, Our Personal Truths, and the Courage to Speak


Saturday Oct 5th 

  • 8-10am Lecture #8 Jason Holley ~Evolutionary Astrology and Sexual Healing

  • 11-1pm Lecture #9 Kristin Fontana~Mars: The Evolving Fire of Your Soul’s Desire 

  • 2-4pm Lecture #10 Ari Moshe Wolfe ~Venus: Tending the Inner Garden of the Soul

  • 5-7pm Lecture #11 Bess Strzelecki ~Health Crises as an Evolutionary Catalyst and the Path to Healing


Sunday Oct 6th  

  • 8-10am Lecture #12 Rav Chahal ~Karma Yoga & the Soul's Right Work

  • 11-1pm Lecture #13 Rose Marcus~Mapping your Soul’s Intention for Evolution: The Secondary Progressed Chart

  • 2--4pm Lecture #14 Kim Marie~The 2024 USA Presidential Election

  • 5-7pm Lecture #15 Patricia Walsh~Unveiling the Psyche: Exploring Karma, Trauma, and the Soul's Journey through Evolutionary Astrology

Full Conference Pass: $245 for JWG Association Members (use coupon code: Member),
$295 for non Members 

Full Conference Pass

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