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Seeing through the Lens of the Planetary Nodes with Bradley Naragon 


In this talk the planetary nodes are introduced as a tool to dive deeper into the natal chart, as well as a lens for understanding the larger collective evolutionary cycles. The geocentric planetary nodes and their annual motion will be explained, how to look at the trinity of past, present, and future of each archetype in a natal chart, and general tips on using planetary nodes in birth chart reading. 


There will be a 365 slide stop motion video of the geocentric nodal movement to help you “download” this annual pattern of movement into your consciousness, as well as other images to help you see and understand the geocentric and heliocentric nodes and the significant evolutionary connections between them. 


The South and North Nodes of the planetary nodes of the outer planets will be explored through modern and past cultural correlations. You will also be given insights on how to further explore connections between current planetary nodes and the past using the Ages and Sub Ages with the nodes. You will likely gain a new awareness of how each zodiac sign archetype is manifesting collectively and individually on the great evolutionary journey we are all on!

Seeing through the Lens of the Planetary Nodes

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