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Evolution & The Emotional
Body : The 4th House 10th/House Polarity


Evolution is a natural part of the human journey for all of us and the only way we can evolve is through our emotional body. This is a core principle in the teachings of Evolutionary Astrology. It is through the emotional body where we fully experience the core desires of the Soul. This lecture will present the foundation of the 4th house/Cancer/Moon archetype. How the Moon relates to our moment-to-moment emotional reality, being our most conscious part,

which creates our subjective ego. And it is though embracing the polarity sign of Capricorn where we can learn to take responsibility for the choices, we have made which have led us to this incarnation. The bottom-line is that we can’t escape the Soul work we are here to do.

We are after all spiritual beings having a human experience.

Evolution & the Emotional Body

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