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Class Series Update & Free Mentorship Class

Welcome to our Planetary Pairs Class Series!

Thank you so much for joining us for the Planetary Pairs Class Series, and for those who were able to join us for the Live class. We covered a lot in this first 2 hour class, and there's always more to learn! If you missed the Intro Class on Aspects & Phases, please go back and watch it as that class covered so much that will be building on over the next 6 months.

Based on the feedback from the live class, we have decided to offer the monthly EA Mentoring Group as a space for additional personal chart practice and mentoring in a small group container.

If you want to join us for the Planetary Pairs series You can sign up for the Class series, and the Mentorship here:

If you are registered for the Planetary Pairs class series, You are invited to join us for the first mentoring group on Jan 6th at 11am PST. We are offering this first group freely to all students in the series. In this class we will provide additional chart examples not offered in the first class, and give more time to clarify the relationship between to Pluto Mars. Everyone will be sent the zoom link for this first class.

If you decide to sign up for the ongoing Mentoring Group, you are invited to submit your chart for this practice class, and the selected charts will be used to demonstrate the teachings and the EA Paradigm. After the first mentorship class, we will continue to offer these monthly at an additional $45 a month for the remaining 6 months. These Mentoring classes will be held monthly in addition to the series, as a place for more practice with students charts for practical application of the material taught in the class series.

It includes a live practice class with the core EA teachers, where the teaching material from the month will be practiced with student charts for demonstration and application of the teaching. Mentoring Group classes will be 90 min of chart practice with up to 3 student charts and additional Q&A time.

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Hello Michelle, I haven't been able to access information that it seems like others can. Joe posted a screenshot of what he sees when he signs in to the platform, which is this:

However, this is what I see - it only allows me to go to the discussion.

From clicking into the discussion, this is what I see. I don't see the sections for each class like Joe has as a side menu. There doesn't seem to be any information under the "Media", "Files", or "About" pages here.

Has the workbook been posted?

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