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The Road to Higher Love!


In the world of relationships, we may not always attract the love that we want, but given where any Soul is relative to its evolutionary journey, we will always attract the love that we need. Kristin will discuss how to uncover an individual’s essential needs reflected in the 2nd house, as well as the needs in relationships shown in the 7th house.


The 2nd house symbolizes the needs that the Soul is learning to satisfy for itself; self reliance. The natural inconjunct between the 2nd house and the 7th house describes the projected needs onto others that the Soul feels it needs but cannot satisfy on its own. These projected needs become the basis of conditional love: “I will love you if”.

Both houses are naturally ruled by Venus. The 2nd house represents the inner side of Venus, as in the Soul’s relationship to itself, including the inner magnetism and how

the Soul attracts what it needs relative to the 7th house, representing the outer side of Venus: the Soul’s relationship to others. Kristin will share insights on the road to higher love, utilizing the focus of the 12th house and Neptune, the higher octave of Venus, where ultimate meaning lives: our relationship with God/ess. Thus, the difference between conditional love as seen in the 2nd and 7th house versus unconditional love found in the 12th house: “I will love you always.”

The Road to Higher Love!

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