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The Evolutionary Nature of Saturn’s Transit in Pisces

In this lecture, we will explore the evolutionary intention of Saturn's transit in Pisces. Saturn correlates to the current reality as a defining archetype that also allows us to see how our soul's past and present journey meet and how it reflects the continuation of our evolution into the future. 

Simon will share how to connect to and understand the defining reality of your Soul's evolution by studying the natal house, Saturn will be transiting along with aspects Saturn will make to other planets. In addition, how Saturn is evolving through its planetary north and south nodes by studying the house and sign, the location of the planetary rulers and the aspects they are making to other planets in the natal chart. This exploration will demonstrate how Saturn's nature is evolving our individual & collective reality through the past, present and future.


Lastly, Simon will illustrate how the evolutionary cycle of Saturn in Pisces from 2023 - 2025 will manifest through collective and individual examples that are directly linked to the EA Pluto paradigm.

Saturn In Pisces with Simon Vorster

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