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Working with Pluto & the Wounds of Change with Steve Wolfson 


In EA, Pluto is the symbol of the human soul. The soul is the cause of each incarnation.  The purpose of each incarnation is to grow, expand, and deepen the understanding of life. All of it, including the inevitable wounds and traumas experienced along the way, is set up by the soul for its evolutionary intentions.  Toward the unfolding of these intentions, physical reality is structured with inherent impermanence; everything is continually changing.  What we have valued and experienced safety from, changes or ends. Change requires moving from knowns (Saturn) into unknowns (Uranus). Our physical body, wired with a strong survival instinct, feels challenged when change affects its sense of security.


Trauma is a physical/emotional response to change when that change is greater than what can be emotionally integrated in the present moment. Our emotional circuits become overloaded and we get triggered.  These deep wounds reoccur cyclically.


In this talk, Steve will utilize the EA paradigm with charts of well known people to demonstrate how the soul creates various evolutionary challenges for itself, why it creates these challenges according to its ongoing evolutionary needs, and how we can meet the wounds of change that result from these evolutionary experiences with acceptance and self-compassion.

Pluto, Working with the Wounds of Change

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