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Asteroid Lilith in the natal chart: The Root of our Soul with Jordyn Smith & Helena Garcia 


Lilith has been an archetype whose mystery we’ve been unraveling at the same pace as the collective conscious evolves to integrate the natural and undistorted expression of its feminine, masculine and androgynous natures.  

In this talk we will be looking at the asteroid Lilith as Root Center of the soul and protectress of our innermost sacred core, how Lilith as an archetype evokes the origins and fingerprint of the soul as made by Source, uncorrupted by the journey of evolution.


In the myth Lilith was the original woman before Eve, she was Adam’s first consort and refused to lie beneath him, so she flew into the night in a fiery rage never to return again. 


Lilith reflects the pure undistorted feminine and how a woman is created by God. In a man’s chart Lilith represents the ideal image of a woman that a man has. 

The asteroid Lilith is a physical body that lies in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Because Lilith is an asteroid and actual physical body who has a North and South Node, we can see the past, present, future, and the pure, distorted, and resolution of the natural feminine all within the archetype of Lilith the asteroid.  


Jordyn will teach about the nature of Lilith in the birth chart and how this manifests in the chart. She will be utilizing not only the asteroid Lilith, but also, her nodes, nodal rulers, and the aspects that they make to show these principles within the archetype of Lilith.


Helena will propose we look at Lilith with an open mind, body and soul. In this workshop with Lilith we will be integrating all notion and ideas of Lilith in one single archetype, understanding the obstacles still undermining our personal integration of Lilith, and why working with Lilith needs our creative self, with the sharing of practical tools for creative self-discovery on each Lilith placement.  

Lilith & the Root of the Soul

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