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The Moon and its Nodes in Evolutionary Astrology by Deva Green

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

In this mini interview Deva Green introduces her new book The Moon and its Nodes in Evolutionary Astrology. She talks about why the moon is so important to our souls evolution and how this is foundational to the Pluto Paradigm. Evolutionary astrology is a specific methodology which sees the evolution of the soul as a process of growth which occurs as we progress from one lifetime to another. While it is a complex subject to consider, we can engage with this process by understanding more deeply the role of the Moon and its nodes, which have specific meaning in connection with the journey. They can help us to find a sense of security and provide a means of emotionally supporting ourselves through the natural tension that results as we make the transition from the past to future.

In The Moon and its Nodes in Evolutionary Astrology, author Deva Green uses a client case study and the charts of Amelia Earhart, Martin Luther King and Jane Goodall to help guide us on our way. Get the Book The Moon and its Nodes in Evolutionary Astrology on Amazon.

Our next Class in the Monthly series is The Pluto Paradigm with Deva Green & Rav Chahal taught live on Saturday Nov 5th at 11am PT, check your time zone.

You can join the Association and receive access to the live class and the recording or purchase a drop in pass to the class.

Learn more about the Jeffrey Wolf Green Association of Evolutionary Astrologers and the entire class series at JWGAEA.ORG

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