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Next Class ~ EA Stages/ Work with one chart ~ Dec 3rd 11am PST ~ Deva Green & Ari Moshe Wolfe

Join us for our next class in the series~ EA Stages/ Work with one chart ~ Dec 3rd 11am PST ~ Deva Green & Ari Moshe Wolfe

The natal chart tells us everything we need to know about our karmic history and evolutionary purpose, right? Wrong! The natal chart only reflects the reality of the soul. In fact, two souls can have the same natal chart but completely different evolutionary needs. This is so because every soul comes into this world at a different level of consciousness, of self-realization, and the natal chart needs to be read accordingly. In this talk Deva and Ari will teach about the 4 natural stages of evolution and exemplify these teachings by demonstrating how to read the same chart from an EA perspective at different stages of evolution. This is an essential teaching for accurately approaching any natal chart from an Evolutionary Astrology perspective. Purchase an Individual Class Pass Here

For All Members you get free access to the EA Stages class and the Recording, you can RSVP for the Live class, and you will automatically receive the zoom link for class and a reminder.

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1 Comment

Maryam Nazemi
Maryam Nazemi
Dec 21, 2022

Hi Dear Deva and Ari,

I could not attend the online class due to the restrictions of Iran's internet, but now I saw the recorded video. Just excellent! Thank you for this valuable insight!🌹

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