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Monthly Group Mentoring Class

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce a Monthly Group Mentoring Class. F0r those who wish to deepen their study with a dedicated monthly practice the team will be offering a monthly group for Practice of the teachings.

Each month in the Mentoring Group, you will have a chance to practice the teachings with Live chart practice and application with the teaching team. Each monthly class will be hosted by the teaching team, and focus on Practical Application of the content taught for the month. If you have questions on applying the EA teachings and Chart interpretation for your chart or a practice chart, you can bring these questions to the Mentoring class for Live application, questions and feedback from the teachers. You can email questions and charts to the teachers in advance.

Guidelines for the Monthly Mentoring Group Practice:

  • Class is once a month for 90 minutes

  • You can bring forward your own chart or one of a client /friend(with consent of the individual) for practice of the teachings from that months class series

  • Questions will be fielded Live or can be presubmitted

  • You consent to being recorded during the class. The recording will be available to all participants in the mentoring group

  • This group is for the practice and application of the Jeffrey Wolf Green Evolutionary Astrology teachings and focused on the application of the monthly content and EA Paradigm

The Monthly mentoring group is an additional cost of $45 a month, the monthly access includes a live practice class on the 3rd Saturday of the month at 11am PST with the teaching team who taught the Association class for the Month. Enrollment in the full class series is require. You can subscribe to the Monthly Group Mentoring for $45 a month, cancel at anytime, joining for all or part of the monthly mentoring classes. Registration includes access to recording of the Class. Email your questions to

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