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Intro to The Pluto Paradigm Class

This is the recording from the Free Live Intro class originally hosted on Sept 3rd

In this class join Evolutionary Astrologers Kristin Fontana, Rose Marcus, Deva Green, Ari Moshe Wolfe and Rav Chahal as they introduce the new JWG Association of Evolutionary Astrologers and the upcoming 9 month Pluto class series.

This video covers the origins of Jeffrey Wolf Green's Evolutionary Astrology, the Pluto Paradigm, the Soul Journey and the core teachings that will be covered in the entire class series offered by the Association.

The membership in the Association, includes access to 9 monthly classes with a Live Reading taught by the team of 5 Evolutionary Astrologers: Rose Marcus, Deva Green, Kristin Fontana, Ari Moshe Wolfe and Rav Chahal. Learn More about the classes Here

The annual cost is $99 for the entire series, or you can register for individual classes for $33 each.

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