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Pluto square the nodes ~ This Saturday! Apr 1st 11am PST~with Deva Green & Rav Chahal

Pluto square the nodes ~ This Saturday! Apr 1st 11am PST~with Deva Green & Rav Chahal

This Month we continue to Deepen into the Pluto work with Pluto square the nodes.

Deva & Rav will be teaching together at 11am PST (check your time zone).

This presentation will focus on core evolutionary intention/meaning of Pluto conjunct the South or North Node. Pluto retrograde will also be discussed. These are important mitigating factors which will significantly impact how the natal chart is interpreted. Pluto conjunct the South Node highlights the Souls past, and can be expressed as a total relive of core dynamics brought forward into the current life, as fruition of past dynamics, or it can set up a condition of simultaneous relive and fruition. Pluto conjunct the North Node symbolizes the intention to continue to move in the direction indicated by Pluto/North Node conjunction. Pluto retrograde reflects the intention to "throw off" and reject the status quo.

This class will be presenting a look at the Pluto square the Nodes archetype; how it is a signature in EA that needs to be resolved if evolution is to continue. You will learn how:

● Pluto square the nodal axis symbolizes a skipped step signature in a Soul's evolutionary journey.

● With Pluto square the Nodes, how the Soul has not fully developed the lessons reflected by either the SN of the Moon and the NN of the Moon.

● How in the current life the Skipped Step must be fully recovered and resolved in order for a Soul to progress forwards on its evolutionary journey.

● The Resolution Node is the way to overcome the Skipped Step signature and evolve forwards.

You can RSVP for a free Email Reminder, Class is included in the Association membership and the Recording will be available to all Members here.

Not a Member, You can still drop in to the class and receive the recording.

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