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Uranus: The Subconscious Memories of the Soul


In each lifetime the soul chooses, for its own evolutionary and karmic purposes, which prior lives to focus upon for that particular life. It is the memories of these lives that are then reflected and contained in our individuated unconscious or subconscious.


The house and sign of Uranus, as well as that of its South Node, the planetary ruler of Uranus and its South Node, as well as the aspects they all make to other planets in the chart corresponds to these long-term prior life memories. These memories operate at a subliminal level of conscious awareness and are not consciously recalled through the local linear mind (Mercury). Jeffrey Wolf Green taught that roughly 80% of the choices that we make in our life are conditioned by these subconscious soul-memories. 


In this talk we are going to climb the bleachers of our higher mind and take a wide eyed soul-view at some of the most embedded reactions and choices we make in our lives. We will do this by working with the Uranus signatures in the natal chart in order to objectify and thus understand the subconscious memories brought from past lives, and in so doing, free ourselves from the past.

Uranus: The Subconscious Memories of the Soul

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