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Pathway to Certification Mentorship begins April 4th

Hello Everyone!

We are excited to announce the beginning of our Pathway to Certification Mentorship Group with Deva Green, beginning on April 4th. This bimonthly mentorship will offer a small group container to practice, ask questions, and prepare the required Charts for Certification as an Evolutionary Astrologer through the School of EA.

This mentorship is for students who have already purchased and completed (or are in the process of studying) the DVD course, and wanting to complete the certification process.

Pathway to Certification Mentorship Group cost includes:

~2 hours of Personal Practice for Students with Deva Green on the 10 Practice Charts for Certification

~Mentoring Session Recordings & Live Participation in a Small group

– Monthly Practice classes on Thursdays, or Wednesday twice a month with Time zone options for students: 

Thursday 9am PT, 2pm or 4pm PT or Wednesday at 1pm Pt

~Private Mentorship Group for posting Questions and Preparation for the Charts 

Sign up is for the Monthly Access $100 per month, with the ability to join or cancel at any time. Basically you can start when you are preparing, and Stop when you feel Ready to Submit your charts for Certification.

If you don't already have the DVD (or Flash drive) Pluto School originally taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green, you can find more information and purchase it directly through the School of EA here:

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