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Next Class ~ Pluto Paradigm ~ with Deva Green & Rav Chahal

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Join us for our next class in the series~ Pluto paradigm ~ Nov 5th at 11am PT ~ Rav Chahal & Deva Green

This presentation will focus on applying the Pluto paradigm one step at a time. Pluto, and the nodes of the moon, it's rulers and aspects to other planets symbolize the "trinity of the past" and the core dynamics brought forward into the current life. Pluto's polarity point, the North Node of the Moon, its planetary ruler and aspects to other planets symbolize the Souls "next steps" for the current life, and how to transmute the limitations of the past.

For All Members you get access to the Pluto class and the Recording, you can RSVP for the Live class.

If you are not a member you can purchase drop in to the Live class access and you will receive the recording of the teachings

You can access the Forum and post questions at

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